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Šifra prijedloga: Smart Sarajevo-2019-07-16

This project is an info house that provides all the information mentioned on a single site, is used alternatively by solar energy. It is unique in Bosnia and Herzegovina because no information desk ha

In order to improve the tourist offer in Sarajevo in the winter period, programs that will make tourists make the stay in this city more imaginative and enjoyable. These programs, with a rich offer, should improve the system of retention of tourists in Sarajevo, which today is one of the detected problems in the field of tourism development. Due to this problem, "Mediatime" d.o.o. Sarajevo has decided to implement a project called "ICE GARDEN" in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, which will contribute to the improvement of the tourist offer, as well as the development of the economy in Sarajevo. It is planned that the project "ICE GARDEN" will be realized at one of the most attractive destinations in Sarajevo, at Trg oslobođenja - Alija Izetbegović, in the winter of the winter tourist season. This project will be completed by a rich New Year's program in Sarajevo. The project "ICE GARDEN" will last five months, and the program at the Liberation Square - Alija Izetbegović will last from December 11, 2019 to January 11, 2020 - 2021, with a tendency of realization in the following years. Through this project, it is planned to set up a skating rink on the surface of 320 square meters, mini bob trails, 15 houses where all visitors will be presented rich offer of Sarajevo (gastronomy, cultural-historical, tourist, etc.). a children's corner measuring 150 m2. For the duration of the project, in the weekend, special programs will be organized for the youngest visitors, such as: hanging out with mascots, clowns, face painting, etc. It is also planned to organize a musical program during the duration of the project, as well as special events, where various presentations will be organized in the field of tourism improvement, tasting, socializing with famous athletes, actors, etc.


Public urban passenger transport, as well as information relevant to citizens and tourists is an important item in the functioning of the city as a whole. Satisfying the needs of the users means to enable them fast, comfortable, cheap and efficient transportation. Traffic is also one of the biggest problems of cities, especially large cities. The success of solving this problem depends not only on the movement of people and goods, but also on the overall quality of life in the city. The composition of public urban passenger transport consists of transport systems with permanent routes and timetables, publicly available for use with a Tariff fee. As a rule, they contain transport facilities: bus, tram, van, trolleybus, light city rail, cable cars and the like. The problem for citizens and tourists is the lack of information about the lines, the dates of arrival and departure of certain city transport. Transportation to locations that are dislocated from the city center. The city of Sarajevo, as well as BiH itself, is becoming an increasingly important tourist destination for numerous tourists from all over the world, which is of great importance for the city and the state. In order to contribute to the development of tourism and the sustainability of the same, we believe that by unifying various information that is beneficial to tourists and the citizens themselves, the tourism offer is improved. The project is based on the creation of an information desk within the project Ice Garden, which takes place in the city of Sarajevo, the Light Park - Alija Izetbegović Square, from December 11, until 11.01.2020.- 2021, in which we will have different contents for children and adults. The idea itself was created because of the need to get relevant information about the city, events, transportation, locations, etc. on one site.

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