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Green Mobility Project (GMP)

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Electric & Personal

Šifra prijedloga: Smart Sarajevo-2019-07-26

The Project is expected to pilot new forms of urban transport and establish the viability of a large-scale investment in electric mopeds as a ridesharing option in the citys downtown areas.

The Green Mobility Project represents a necessary, if ambitious, attempt to help bring Sarajevos urban transport in line with European and global trends by introducing a ridesharing option in the form of electricity-powered mopeds. Sarajevo is presently one of Europes most polluted capitols with air quality reaching record lows over the past several years. In addition, the citys urban core has become increasingly congested and existing parking space is nowhere near sufficient to deal with all the incoming trafic.

the Project aims to test viability of a gradual reduction in the number of drivers venturing into town with their private vehicles and instead using electricscooters on a ride share basis. For the purposes of the pilot project phase, the charging station will be located at the BBI square to enable motorists to pick up their mopeds where they can easily find parking for their vehicles before venturing further into town therby reducing the number of vehicles entering the citys Old Town.

Should the Projects testing phase garner the expected results, the subsequent large-scale introduction of electric mopeds into the urban transport network will help greatly alleviate: CO2 emissions caused by internal combustion engines; noise pollution in urban areas; parking and traffic congestion that have become a commonplace occurrance, especially in downtown areas. in addition, mopeds are an excellant asset for urban tourism with electric powered varieties especially popular with the increasing environmentally minded tourist community.

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